Top 5 Ways E-commerce Owners Can Crush It on Instagram

Instagram is an ecommerce marketing game-changer. Period.

You know this but it mystifies you. Partly, because the social media platform is photo/video oriented.

But you struggle with creating unique photo and video content consistently, so you bail.

And most terrifying, everyone keeps telling you, you can generate more sales for your business on Instagram but you just don’t see how.

Well, 80% of the about 500 million daily users follow one or more of the 25 million brands on Instagram.

Put simply, Instagram users love brands. Unlike Facebook, 65% of top-performing posts on Instagram feature products.

What’s that worth? The average value of an order from Instagram is $65

That’s how well brands are getting their messages across to customers and smiling to the bank.

You too can have a great Instagram page, and sell more!

Here are top five ways to can crush it on Instagram.

1. Create unique Instagram content

Yes, you probably already know authenticity is a must for Instagram success.

But the problem is creating unique content consistently is a big ask and task. Sadly, your audience doesn’t care what it takes, they want the unique content they want.

And you’re going to have to give to them to get them to give you their money through sales.

So here are a few tips on how to create unique content on Instagram consistently:

● Find your style or voice and stick to it.

● Follow good handles, blogs and listen to great podcasts in your niche for inspiration

● Get snippets from the most popular blogs and podcast

● Add perspective to create content photos with tools like Canva/Pablo/Photoshop

● Use your native camera app to create videos that share your perspective or ask critical questions about trends in your niche

● Join the conversation in your comments and discover customer pain points

● Find the story in everything you do and tell it.

Knowing how to create unique content is good but knowing how to do it without burnout is awesome!

Allow me to point you in the ‘how’ direction.

● Embrace batching. Create as much of your Instagram content as you can in one sitting.

● Drum up an Instagram calendar and use scheduling tools.

● Make time to engage with your followers.

2. Tell a story with your product photos

True, you’re on Instagram to sell, so sell.

You’re probably used to just sharing product photos with a regular product description but there’s a better way.

Let your products tell a story. That talks about sharing high-quality product photos that catch attention and tells a unique story.

To do this you need to answer a few questions:

● Who makes my product?

● What led to making the product?

● How did I beat the odds to make the product?

Once you’re able to write down answers to these then you can weave out short stories to add to your product photos or use as a caption.

However, when it comes to sharing photos on Instagram you don’t always want it to be just your products. You should sometimes share a random cool photo, action product shot, a private photo and possibly a meme.

The goal is to give your audience the rational or emotional reason they need to buy from you.

3. Share behind the scenes photos and videos

You can take your product and brand storytelling to the next level with Instagram stories. This will put your brand on a whole new zone with your audience: friends zone.

It creates a unique intimacy with your audience. That’s exactly what the big low-cost fashion retailer, H&M did when it shared a video of their own view from Coachella. Quality content makes the typical audience think the brand is cool. Check out the page, and like a few product photos even if they aren’t making the purchase, yet.

That’s how you want your audience to react to your posts on Instagram.

And when you take your stories game a notch higher, your audience can easily swipe up to purchase your product on display.

4. Make Buying From You Effortless

If you do all three things above right, you’re sure going to have more Instagram followers and engagement.

But much more than that you want to make more sales. To do this, you need to make it easy to buy from you.

Here are a few tips to help you sell easily via Instagram:

Link to a single product in your bio.

It is often tempting to link to your ecommerce site if you have more than one product but for best result, link to a particular one per time.

If you must link to a catalog of all your products, take advantage of Instagram location to remind your audience of the link in your status to shop for all your products.

You want to be careful not to be too salesy so you don’t hurt your brand integrity. The reason it’s best to tell a story with your product listings.

But to sell more you need to…

5. Supercharge your sales by posting user-generated content, running contests and giveaways

You’re human. Your brand should be too. Instagram audiences love it when a brand is approachable, and down to earth. Who doesn’t?

To get more sales from your existing or new customers, win them over to your side by posting pictures of of your customers showing off your products when they tag you.

You could even asked to be tagged so they (customers) get featured on your page. That’s unparalleled user generated content that is bound to skyrocket your sales.

Another killer move for more sales is to run contests and giveaways.

A study found that 70% of Instagram users had entered a photo contest or competition at some point. You can leverage photo contest too. There are countless contests types, you just have to be creative.

When it comes to giveaways, you want to let your audience know by using appealing product photos or graphic with clear text overlay.

Maybe best of all, Instagram does not require a huge marketing budget. Just a good deal of time.

If you own an ecommerce store, I encourage you to implement these five top ways to grow your Instagram presence.

Content by eBiz Advisers.

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