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How Much Can I Get For My Business?


Let’s Be Blunt. This Is The First Question Sellers Want Answered. Can You Blame Them?

You’ve worked long and hard to build a successful company. You’ve spent a lot. You’ve risked a ton. Now it’s time to get rewarded. But what does that process look like? And what are the numbers?

eBiz Advisers will guide you through the entire sales process – from performing a free Valuation to marketing your business discreetly to negotiating with buyers to eventually selling the business and working through the transition.

Getting Started

We love it when owners give us a call and pick our brains about the process of selling their digital business. Others may want to move with more caution. Totally understandable. That’s why we offer a Snapshot Valuation. It’s like walking into a photo booth and walking out with a business valuation. Many entrepreneurs simply want a general sense of the value of their enterprise. So we make it easy to get started.

Request A Snapshot Valuation

You fill out all Snapshot Valuation fields

Review Your Numbers

We review your financial info, web traffic, growth indicators

Reach A Price

We call you with a realistic picture of value, not pie-in-the-sky

Top 10 Value Factors

Many factors play a role in determining the value of a digital business. These are the 10 biggies.

  • Profitability – Net income is King when it’s time to market your business
  • Income Strength – Recurring revenue models are beloved by our buyers
  • Scalability – Potential for growth plays a huge role in tech and online sales
  • Business Vertical – Software or ecommerce firms get higher multiples than blog sites
  • Competition – Hugely competitive, built-out niches are tougher to sell
  • Web Traffic – Metrics are money. Online buyers are data-driven folks
  • History – Big difference if your business is 10 months or 10 years old
  • Relocatability – Values go up when a business can be operated anywhere
  • Key Man Risk – Huge factor. If an owner’s departure will cripple the business, fuggetaboutit
  • Financing – Big help when your buyer can get an SBA or bank loan, seller financing

Change Your Life. Sell Your Business

Here’s why we love our jobs. We literally get to change lives. Our clients are incredibly thankful when they’ve managed to move on. Many online entrepreneurs use the proceeds to reinvest in bigger, better projects. So what sets us apart?

Hire us and we put the sale of your business on hyper drive. We quickly determine proper pricing, promptly produce marketing materials, expose your business to thousands of cashed-up, hungry buyers and hopefully negotiate multiple offers.

We are eCommerce entrepreneurs and seasoned IT professionals who use hard data and years of valuation experience to reach pricing conclusions based on dozens of financial, operational and marketplace factors.

With more than a decade of brokerage contacts, we’ve curated a valuable pool of online and tech buyers waiting to pounce on a great offering.

We often find your buyer ourselves rather than them finding us.

We Sell Your Business Quickly & Confidentially 

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