A Proven System For Planning Your Big Exit

Why 8 Value Drivers Are Key To Your Big Exit


You’ve worked long and hard to build a successful company. You’ve spent a huge amount of time and money. You’ve risked a ton. Now it’s time to get rewarded. But what does that process look like? And how do you get every dollar possible when it’s time to sell?

eBiz Advisers removes the guesswork and helps with the legwork. We put you on a valuable new path, getting your company ready to sell. We’ll take you under the hood of your own business to show you what acquirers will see, for better or worse. It starts with our short Value Builder Questionnaire and a score from 0 to 100 that will let you know where you stand.

Getting Started

Don’t rush to put your business on the market. Make sure you’ve taken every possible step to build the most valuable, sellable business possible.
Start with our simple Questionnaire and get rolling toward a life-changing, rewarding Big Exit.

Value Builder Score

Start with a 13-minute Questionnaire

Assessment & Engagement

Improve your sellability scores, build your exit strategy

Big Exit

Our M&A services locate the best buyers in our global network

Our eBiz Engagement Pushes Up Your 8 Key Value Drivers

Many factors play a role in determining the value of your business. These are the 8 biggies.

  • Financial Performance – Your numbers are important. So is the credibility of your financials. We spend a lot of time ensuring your statements will hold up to high-level scrutiny.
  • Growth Potential – This is the springboard to a huge exit. Nothing pushes up the price an acquirer will pay more than huge growth potential and quantifiable scalability.
  • Independence – Are your company profits dangerously dependent on any key customer? Any single employee? Or one main supplier? We work to keep you operating like Switzerland.
  • Cash Flows – Does your business operate like a raging stream of inflows and outflows? Or a quiet pond? Or a dry lake bed? The lower your working capital burden, the higher the value of your business.
  • Recurring Revenues – Does your business have annual contracts? Monthly subscription services? Products purchased through auto-renewals? We walk you up the ladder of revenues.
  • Competitive Difference – Are you truly unique in the market with your products or services? Can you control the market due to valuable differentiators? Will buyers covet your place in the pecking order?
  • Customer Loyalty – We will help you benchmark and quantify the satisfaction level of your customers. Tremendous loyalty translates to stable revenues and high-impact exits.
  • Owner Involvement – Can your business survive and thrive without you? How would the place run if you take a 3-week vacation? Buyers will look real hard here.

Change Your Life. Sell Your Business

Here’s why we love our jobs. We literally get to change lives. Our clients are incredibly thankful when they’ve managed to move on. Many online entrepreneurs use the proceeds to reinvest in bigger, better projects. So what sets us apart?

Hire us and we put the sale of your business on hyper drive. We quickly determine proper pricing, promptly produce marketing materials, expose your business to thousands of cashed-up, hungry buyers and hopefully negotiate multiple offers.

We are eCommerce entrepreneurs and seasoned IT professionals who use hard data and years of valuation experience to reach pricing conclusions based on dozens of financial, operational and marketplace factors.

With more than a decade of brokerage contacts, we’ve curated a valuable pool of online and tech buyers waiting to pounce on a great offering.

We often find your buyer ourselves rather than them finding us.

We Sell Your Business Quickly & Confidentially 

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