“I have so much fun helping business owners cash in on their own creativity. They spend years crushing it, making things happen. It’s an honor to tell their story.”

Brian Loring

Crushing It!

Our Excitement For Your Business Makes Deals Happen

At eBiz Advisers our success comes from enthusiasm. We get so much enjoyment working with the driven, brilliant people who make things happen in the online and tech universe.

We understand that selling your digital business is a life-changing event. You’ve spent years building a solid company, innovating along the way. Now is the time to leverage the promise of the Internet and reap the benefits of your hard work.

We sell online and tech companies quickly, confidentially, for top dollar. Unlike many of our digital business competitors, we don’t just sell websites. Our reach is broader and more interesting.

Founder Brian Loring is a former IT professional and television production chief who leverages key relationships for the benefit of his digital clients. He takes a ton of joy from finding the perfect buyer who will respect and build on a seller’s unique vision. Brian has developed national contacts which help create a perfect fit for owners of eCommerce, Amazon FBA, lead gen, software, affiliate, app, software and IT companies. He sees every day how these innovative digital firms are prized by business buyers.

Brian is an Internet entrepreneur himself, currently owning dropshipping storefronts on Amazon and other platforms. He’s been a broker since 2005, closing more than $150 Million in business and commercial transactions – everything from Main Street retail to M&A manufacturing deals. He’s also one of less than 200 business sales professionals who has earned the Certified Business Broker (CBB) certification with the California Association of Business Brokers.

His background in technical and production management with Fortune 500 companies led him to specialize in digital business sales. At CBS-TV in Los Angeles, he led the technical operations of a 130-person production staff and managed all IT and training functions involving workstations, servers and video editors. He also brings substantial commercial real estate experience in leasing, investment sales and ground-up development.

Brian devotes 100% of his energy to making eBiz Advisers the number one marketplace for sellers and buyers of digital businesses. It starts with helping owners plan an exit strategy well before they actually hit the market. It takes considerable planning to sell, and disengage from, a high-growth digital company.


What Makes Us Different

There’s a lot of blah-bluh-blah in the business sales trenches. We all claim to have the latest technology, the biggest database, the best experience, yada-yada. So what’s our differentiator?

It comes down to numbers. Most business brokerages would be very happy if they sold 30%-40% of all their listings. Many firms struggle to sell more than 25%. Doesn’t sound real great, does it? A 75% failure rate. Not many enterprises survive on that degree of customer frustration.

At eBiz Advisers our success rate for selling digital businesses is better than 80%. It’s partly because we’re very picky. There are many assignments we simply don’t take. By turning down a large number of prospects, we actually help our business and our deserving clients.

When buyers review our offerings, they know we only represent excellent companies. The quality is baked in. When sellers consider hiring us, they know we aren’t running around with 50 other businesses that divide our  time and energy, hoping to sell anything out of desperation.

We take great pride in drilling down to find just the right buyer for our digital business owners. Most of the time, we find the buyer, rather than the buyer finding us. Investors and entrepreneurs are often too busy to spend time scouring for listings. Once we present the offering and make a powerful case for the investment, buyers pay attention. It’s that professional and personal level of service that makes us a success.

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