eBook: 9 Ways to Becoming A Recurring Revenue Machine

Our eBook “9 Subscription Models Any Business Can Adopt” explains how today’s entrepreneurs are transforming their businesses and achieving tremendous scalability. They are building recurring revenues by building lifetime customers rather than one-off purchasers.

No matter the industry or location, you can ensure a steady flow of repeat business. Subscriptions aren’t just for technology or online businesses. From home contractors to florists to auto repair shops to aerospace builders, businesses are learning that keeping their customers “sticky” has become a top priority.

Our eBook is a chapter summary taken from John Warrillow’s terrific book “The Automatic Customer.” It should get business owners from all industries thinking about what their own recurring revenue model would look like.

It takes some understanding in order to master the psychology of selling subscriptions. You need to reduce your subscription defectors and keep your churn rate down. It also helps to have a road map for maintaining the essential metrics for measuring your successes.

Getting to know how to calculate the lifetime value of a customer (LTV) as well as your customer acquisition costs (CAC) will be a critical component in making it work.

Read Our EBook: “9 Subscription Models to Add Recurring Revenues”

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